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About Us:

The Golf Almanac is published by Priority One Marketing Group, LLC. Priority One Marketing Group is a boutique advertising firm that focuses on building our clients' name recognition in the nation's wealthiest markets. We are endorsed by the past two PGA Presidents and we have PGA pros nationwide that write our articles. Our aim is twofold, one is to provide golf and Country Clubs throughout the United States an excellent magazine for its members and their guests. The other is to provide local businesses in each area access to this high-end clientèle type of market within its pages.


Our flagship publication "The Golf Almanac" was started over a decade ago, and has blossomed into a premier golf enthusiast magazine. We take great pride in our product, and it shows.


The clubs love our free magazine, and our advertisers come back year after year for further exposure to this exclusive market. It's a cost-effective way to reach new high-end clientèle.