Ad Specs

Download Design Templates

If submitting your own fully designed ad:

• Please submit your ad in

High Resolution PDF format.

• Do not include crop marks in your final ad.

• We DO NOT accept Microsoft Publisher files.  Please convert .pub files into a PDF



If we are designing your ad:

• Communication via Email is preferred. This allows us to keep track and log that every revision is done to your request. However, you may also reach us in the Design Department at 561-637-4715


• Please send the largest jpeg, tiff or PDF digital images you have for us to design your ad with.


• Please do not send us scanned images. They do not always work.


• Faxes of images or logos do not always work either.


• We DO NOT except Microsoft Publisher files. Please convert .pub files into a PDF

Licensed in the State of Florida

LIC# TC5480


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